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Web Development with PHP7 and MySQLi

Course Details:

Why Learn PHP?

PHP is currently ranked as the most sought-after skill in JOB Market. For freshers with training on PHP courses in Kolkata, it is easy to step into the IT industry. PHP is free as well as secured web scripting language. This is the reason for its widespread popularity in the world of internet. PHP runs on more than 20 million websites including Facebook & Wikipedia.

PHP is pretty easy to learn and has huge demand. PHP web developer jobs always in top five on job websites. Only in Kolkata, 500+ good PHP companies regularly hire a large no. of PHP trained candidates. PHP developers easily find decent jobs. Since the MNCs like TCS, CTS, IBM, Wipro also work in PHP and hire lots of exp. PHP resources, so career prospect in PHP is high too. 


Training Duration

The total duration of winter training is 80 Hrs. Training generally gets conducted on 5 days per week, for 4 hours daily. The full course takes upto 1 month time to complete(will be extended if required).


Training Details

Job : Job 100% Guaranteed .

Prerequisites : Basic knowledge of programming.


Course Syllabus

Module 1:
1.  HTML5 with complete Practical.
2.  CSS3 -Inline, Internal & External.
3.  XAMPP, WAMP, LAMP & MAMP - Installation & configuration.
4.  Basic concept of Programming with PHP.
5.  PHP Functions, Conditions, Loops, Arrays etc. 
6.  Javascript : Complete Concept with Form Validation.
8.  SQL with Phpmyadmin.
9.  PHP with MySQL/MySQLi – Insert Update Delete (CRUD).
10. SESSIONS & COOKIES – Login & Logout.


Module 2:
1.  OOPS in PHP(Class & Object).
2.  JQuery with client side validation.
3.  AJAX with server side validation.
4.  Pagination, Thumbnails 
5.  CKEditor, LightBox & Highslide  
7.  XML, RSS.  
8.  Captcha & FTP(Web Hosting).
9.  Joining - Inner join, Outer join, Left join, Right join.
10. PayPal, Search Logic.

Module 3:
1. Email & SMS Handling. 
2. PHP File Handling & Security.
3. CMS - Wordpress, Drupal etc.
4. MVC - CodeIgniter, Laravel etc.
5. SEO(Search Engine Optimization).
6. Interview Preparation.
7. Doubt discussion.
8. Security Class.


1. Mini Project: We will give you a topic.

2. Shopping Cart: ECommerce website in Custom PHP with PayPal.

3. Live Project.

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