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Introduction to programming with C

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What is C?

C is a computer programming language. That means that you can use C to create lists of instructions for a computer to follow. C is one of thousands of programming languages currently in use. C has been around for several decades and has won widespread acceptance because it gives programmers maximum control and efficiency. C is an easy language to learn. It is a bit more cryptic in its style than some other languages, but you get beyond that fairly quickly.


The total duration of winter training is 80 Hrs. Training generally gets conducted on 5 days per week, for 4 hours daily. The full course takes upto 1 month time to complete(will be extended if required).

Course Details


The C Language and its Advantages

The Structure of a C Program

Writing C Programs

Building an Executable Version of a C Program

Debugging a C Program

Examining and Running a C Application Program 

Data Types and Variables

Data Types

Operands, Operators, and Arithmetic Expressions

Input/Output Management

The Input/Output Concept

Formatted Input Function

Control-Flow Statements

The Control-Flow Program Statements

Looping Statements

The Data-checking process

Modular Programming with Functions

The C Function

Passing Data to Functions

Passing an Address to Modify a Value in Memory

Using Functions in the Checkbook Program

C Standard Library Functions

Arrays, Pointers, and Strings

Arrays , Pointers , Strings

Using Arrays, Strings, and Pointers in the Checkbook Program



Arrays of Structures

Passing Structures to Functions

Nesting Structures

File Input/Output

Command-line Arguments

Combining Command-line

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